Acompanhamento Terapêutico


Oferecemos acompanhamento terapêutico individual e/ou acompanhamento familiar especializado a preços simbólicos com profissionais parceiros a famílias adotivas em situação desafiadora ou de vulnerabilidade. Para famílias carentes tentamos sempre que possível oferecê-lo sem ônus. Buscamos subsídios para ampliar este serviço.Em 2015 houveram mais de 360 atendimentos.


Therapy support

Goal:To favor successful adoptions and functional family life by improving relationships.

Justification:The need to support families in risk situations, including the risk of return of children and teenagers, or challenging situations, minimizing unnecessary conflict; therapy for adoption candidates who require it in order to quality; cases of repeated return and institutionalization; to contribute to good family life and successful adoptions; to meet the requirements of the Children and Juvenile Court or Tutor Councils.

Target group:

-Adoptive families, adoptive parents, adopted children and teenagers.

-Candidates for adoption. 

-Children and teenagers in institutional foster care.

Expected duration:Therapy support is a continuous activity at Pontes de Amor. In general, each person or family has one 50-minute session a week during the period needed to solve the problem.