Grupo de Estudos sobre Adoção


Grupo de Estudos sobre Adoção, Parentalidade e Institucionalização - Reúne profissionais graduados periodicamente para estudos de caso e temas que embasam o crescimento e a formação profissional dos que trabalham com a garantia dos direitos da criança e do adolescente e com as famílias substitutas, valorizando o ambiente da multidisciplinariedade e os benefícios que consigo traz.Em 2015 houveram 18 encontros com média de 30 participantes.


Academic Study Group on Adoption, Parenting and Institutionalization

Goal:To study themes related to adoption, children and teenagers in psychosocial risk situations, parenting and institutionalization. The group will discuss clinical cases and the professional and personal experiences of those who work with children and teenagers’ rights and with adoptive families. In this way, we aim to create a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary environment where disenfranchised childhood is dealt with directly or indirectly. The study group also aims to produce works and scientific articles and to organize lectures and courses that disseminate our themes and reflections. We hope to promote effective action in guaranteeing the rights of children and teenagers, improve the network’s integration and efficacy, increase knowledge about the adoption theme and form multipliers of adoption culture on an academic level.

Justification:The study group trains professionals who work or wish to work in favor of children and teenagers’ rights, especially within the scope of adoption, institutional foster care, family and community life and all processes involved in these themes. A solid theoretical base effectively promotes reflection, critical thought and responsible and consistent professional action, where a child is really treated as the absolute priority, in compliance with the law.

Target group:Graduate professionals interested in promoting the rights of children and teenagers, especially in the areas of law, psychology, social work, sociology, anthropology, philosophy and pedagogy.

Expected duration:The study group is a continuous activity at the Pontes de Amor NGO. We have two study groups at different times in order to reach a greater number of people. Each group meets fortnightly, one on Monday morning and the other on Thursday evening, and each meeting lasts two hours.

Number of groups in 2015:

Number of participants each group: average of 30